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--by 4abetterworld, posted Mar 27, 2023
I am still on holiday here in beautiful Iceland. I have practiced some teensy-weensy acts of kindness such as smiling at people or making some smalltalk.

Yesterday, I went a step further. Went into the local church and sat for about an hour thinking about every every single person who I am grateful for - even the ones who have given me a hard time over the years. Bad experiences are teachers too.

It was hard to concentrate as it was rather loud due to maintenance work. I found myself thinking about people I have known, encountered over the decades, the ones that especially made a lasting impression on me and tried to visualise their faces in my mind's eye. Wished them all the very best as I did so.

I also thought of our beautiful planet and silently expressed my gratitude for the stars, the sun, the moon, the water, all flora and fauna and suchlike because without nature we are nothing.

Then at the end, I made a personal wish and I noticed that everything was suddenly peaceful all around me and the sun was shining through the window just across from me.
And a few lovely things were to be observed which made me smile. I then lit a candle and wished for peace in every single person and peace in our world and went on my way. 

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DANCE wrote: Thank you, enjoy Iceland, what a beautiful place
mindyjourney wrote: A beautiful kindness for ALL, dear friend. Thank you 🌎 🙏
ado wrote: Great thing that you did for yourself and thank you for praying for peace. I am feeling your prayer.
TheHuman wrote: Super 🙂
pluto178 wrote: When we can be at peace the world around us can be too I know its not always possible but when it is what a lovely feeling and well done to you for making the most of it. X
kmbhai wrote: Very beautiful.. you did good job 👍
Mish wrote: ❤️🙏❤️
sissylee wrote: Thanks for sharing your Icelandic journey
Rajni wrote: Your power of positive thinking along with power of gratitude shining well during your vacation. You are making your vacation worthwhile. May others get inspired.
scully wrote: Thanks for the time you took to think of those who impacted you😀

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