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Sharing Unconditional Happiness !

--by kmbhai, posted Mar 31, 2023
 A piece of clothes may not be so much expensive, but it can bring so much happiness in someone’s life. Yes, This is true. Today I bought a T-shirt for a young boy who weared old clothes. After having new clothes,He was looking very happy. I saw big happiness in his eyes. It was great moment for me. Sometimes material things have so much power to share happiness and love.

Thanks to young boy and his new T-shirt..
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DANCE wrote: You are so kind, I'm sure he was so happy
unknown wrote: 👍
Mish wrote: I’m sure he will treasure your kind gift ❤️
pluto178 wrote: Absolutely well done x
mindyjourney wrote: The power of your CARING was the big difference, my friend. Thank you for doing :)))
unknown wrote: Very Good!
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for your gift
Rajni wrote: It is very kind of you to buy a T shirt for that boy.

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