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--by Rajni, posted Mar 31, 2023
Saturday gave company to Sunday Kindness

All The Days Are Kindness Days

On Saturday February 25th, on the way to the dentist's office, I gave some quote cards to people waiting for the bus and also to the passengers in the bus.

Made some origami Peace Doves while waiting at dentist's office, with thoughts of sister Mindy. After making some, one lady came near me curiously. From her gestures and lip reading, I understood that she wanted to know what I was doing. I showed her how to fold a Peace Dove. I gave her some that I had already made, plus some origami Peace Dove quote cards, KMBhai's poem in Hindi and other quote cards, so she can share them with others. I vividly remember her happy smiling face. Told a story about intense positive thinking. She thanked me profusely. I am grateful to sister Mindy for her inspiration to make quote cards with Peace Doves attached and for providing origami papers as well.

To the dentist, I gave large quote cards, personalized bookmark in her name, positive thinking booklet and “The Four Agreements" book to read. With utmost care, she finished my treatment. I thanked her.

I gave large quote cards to the another dentist as well.

After my treatment was over, there were 7 people waiting for their turn, I gave quote cards to them. On receiving quote cards, one lady thanked me with a beautiful smile brimming in her eyes and with prayerful hands (pranam, that is Indian tradition to respect elders and pray to God as well). I told her to pray to God.

After reaching Tagore Hall to attend a program by mentally challenged people, where Utthan took part in the cultural program. I gave many quote cards. I met MS R who came to help make greeting cards in the past. I invited her to visit me again to help make more greeting cards. We exchanged cell phone numbers.

One gentleman was very much impressed with the stack of quote cards I gave him. We exchanged cell phone numbers. I recommended to read MS B and Utthan story and gave info about it.

Honorable Bhavnaben Pandya of Utthan Talim Kendra (Training Center) was honored with Life Time Achievement Award at the cultural program by the SWMR (Society for the Welfare of the Mentally Retarded). She dearly deserved it her for I was happy to attend.

I am grateful to KS friend who helped me put this post in perspective and creating beautiful image as well.

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving me opportunities to serve and guiding and helping me make them happen.

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Lovebeingkind wrote: Simply beautiful!
mindyjourney wrote: So many ways to be kind with every interaction! Thank you, dear brother Rajni.
DrJoe wrote: Amazing :)

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