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Looking After Wild Birds

--by 4abetterworld, posted Mar 31, 2023
Jack Frost was out last night leaving a trail of glitter behind him. So pretty to look at! Remembered we still have some suet fatballs and put them into the bird feeders and on top of a little table in the garden. A blue jay was the first to discover the goodies and word has spread. So much so that the birds are literally queuing up at the feeding stations and patiently waiting their turn! Will now put out some fresh lukewarm water for them all. My feeder is attached to the arch for roses. (See bottom of my picture.)

Please be sure to look after the wild birds during the cold weather. You can get suet fatballs without the plastic net casing nowadays which are perfect for sparrows and tits. Just ensure you have the right sort of feeder to put them into. Blackbirds and robins love picking at apples, raisins and porridge flakes and most birds apreciate seeds or grains. It is always a pleasure to feed the birds and they always remember where they find food. I have observed that the woodpecker and starling families come by year after year.  💗🐦

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