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Earth Angels Who Were There For Me When I Needed Some Help.

--by 4abetterworld, posted Mar 31, 2023
Yesterday I had the chance to get out of my comfort zone and approach two strangers for help. And they did!

A young boy on a bike gave me some directions for a shortcut to the next village. Though pushed for time, he even accompanied me part of the way to show me the start of the path. We had a laugh when I said I was going to steal his bike. I would have taken the car but have fractured my hand, so had to use my feet to get from the doctor's surgery to another important appointment yesterday.

Got there in the end - thanks to a kind man who was leaving his driveway and about to dry the windscreen of his car. I asked him for a lift down the road, seeing as I only had 5 minutes left. It would have taken me 10 to 15 minutes on foot but only a few minutes by car. Fortunately he was happy to oblige.

Glad I trusted my instinct - he was a very kind decent person and thanks to him - and the boy - I got to my appointment a minute early. GRATEFUL to the help from kind strangers who gave me hope and strength. Wishing them all the very best. 💗
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