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A Few Small Acts

--by lt33, posted Apr 5, 2023
I noticed a car trying to merge into the lane I was in. However, no one seemed to be letting her in. So when I had a chance, I gave her a short honk just to signal to her it was OK. She then got over in front of me.
I smiled at an elderly couple going into the mall. As I walked by I received a pleasant hello and two beautiful smiles!
A co-worker of my brother has been letting him use her phone when he needs to make a call since he doesn't have a cell phone. I wanted to do something kind for her, also. I offered her some coupons for Bath & Body that I had and she was very appreciative. Doing even these small acts of kindness can make someone's day a little brighter. πŸ––πŸŒβ€

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Tulip wrote: The small raok are the best!
DANCE wrote: Small acts matter the most
Rajni wrote: No kindness is small. With ripple effects, you never know how BIG it becomes. You are doing a very good job.
pluto178 wrote: …and the day of others x
Mish wrote: These β€œsmall” things hold so much love πŸ’•. Bless πŸ™
petroskryf wrote: Bless you
mindyjourney wrote: By keeping focused on all those seemingly small ways, you are creating a BIG positive change 😊. Thank you!
cheeka wrote: So nice. thanks for your kindness
unknown wrote: Wonderful ripples of kindness! πŸ‘
unknown wrote: Wonderful!

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