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Creating Connections

--by janfour, posted Apr 16, 2023
I joined a challenge to practice positive interactions with vulnerable populations at my job in the library. It is called "Pennies in a Cup" to create connections with folks so that if there is a time for a negative interaction you have earned trust, respect, kindness, etc.

For instance, if you greet people and learn their names, when you might have to ask them to speak more quietly, you can address them with familiarity and respect from prior encounters. I am excited by the results!
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4abetterworld wrote: That sounds fantastic! 👍
Mish wrote: Excellent!! 👍
Helenconnell2 wrote: Excellent x
mindyjourney wrote: Sounds like a great program!
fairykats wrote: Nice!
petroskryf wrote: Such a positive challenge
pluto178 wrote: One of my favourite sayings civility costs nothing but oh boy it does give results. Well done. X
kmbhai wrote: you are doingg great wwork.
DANCE wrote: Interesting

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