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Ripples and Ripples

--by 4abetterworld, posted Apr 27, 2023
Spent some quality time chatting to the friendly vendor who sells copies of a magazine which supports the homeless. Have known this vendor for a few years. Come rain or shine, he always has a lovely smile and is a kind and decent person. Yesterday he looked a bit dejected as he still had not sold all the March issues and he pointed to a large pile of magazines and April is around the corner.

"N" stands in front of the supermarket for 10 hours a few days a week and he has a fairly large family to support. I felt for him 🙁... The magazine always contains interesting thought-provoking articles and only costs a couple of euros - not exactly a huge sum of money for the majority of people, although I do understand people are free to do with their money whatever they want and may have to watch their pennies themselves nowadays.

Still, it irked me that most people greeted him but could not spare a little change to buy his magazine...

Bought a copy of his magazine and told him to buy himself a cup of coffee with the rest of the change from the banknote I gave him. Have promised him an old bicycle as well which is just basically lying around. Perfect for his wife or daughter. He appreciated that very much.

Also bought some chocccies and birthday flowers for my lovely 80 year old neighbour and gave the florist a tip. Smiles all round. Got a lovely card from my neighbour today. (HE was absolutely thrilled to get his birthday flowers 😊)
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