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So Blessed And Thrilled ...

--by Ado, posted Apr 27, 2023
So blessed and thrilled to have received this amazing dove and this divinely inspired handwritten letter from Mindy and MrM. The mail in my country is slow and I must admit I haven't visited the post office in a while (with everything in cyberspace we forget the good old snail mail).

Mindy, your beautiful message gives me strength and hope that we live in a good world. I am so grateful for our friendship and your support. You are an inspiration in a world that seems greedy and negative at times.

Thanks so much.
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Kindsleuth wrote: A do like this one.

DANCE wrote: How beautiful! Our dear Mindy is so kind, and always has words full of love to share with everyone, we are so blessed to have her in our lives
Rajni wrote: Ado, you dearly deserved the gifts from sister Mindy, who always inspires all of us with her unique way of sending gifts of Doves, cards and inspiring notes. Enjoy.
Mish wrote: Beautiful ❤️🕊
mindyjourney wrote: Dear Ado, so glad you received and rediscovered our connection of kindness, inspiration and strength 🕊️.
4abetterworld wrote: Beautiful ❤️
dotmatrix wrote: Lovely. ♥.
petroskryf wrote: Kindness from the heart
pluto178 wrote: ❤️

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