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92nd Birthday Meal

--by brad2, posted May 3, 2023
Hope you are all doing well today and spending Quality time with those you Love and Love you in turn.

I'm still on my healthy diet and continuing to share with those less fortunate. Two days ago, I heard an Elder was having her 92nd birthday. So I prepared a large order of sweet'n sour ribs with a batch of chicken fried rice and took a plate for her, with fresh garlic bread and salad, with bottled water. I found her playing bingo at our local hall and sang Happy Birthday for her in front of the entire hall, and some even joined in.

Fed two more elders and found two youngsters who had no lunch at their jobs, twenty somethings Gen Zs who thought no one was paying attention to them, boy were they ever hungry.

Prepared memorial cards for one family and helped another family grieve and plan on dropping off more food for their wake.

Being involved in my community takes a lot of my time, but I feel it is important to be there for them, when it matters, that's what friends do. Trying to inspire more in my community to eat more healthy by one bite at a time, plate by plate..... peace.
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cheeka wrote: Thank you Brad!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your kindness to community, dear brad :)).
DANCE wrote: Thank you for caring and sharing
patjos wrote: Being the change Brad :)
pluto178 wrote: Lol if I ordered that it would be considered unhealthy how much we can learn from each other……..I thought you were going to say at 92 she can have a rich diet and enjoy it. Lol x
dotmatrix wrote: So much love and kindness in what you do, Brad. Blessings to you and your community. ♥.

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