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Extras From A Company As A Donation.

--by Helenconnell2, posted Jun 3, 2023
I think I mentioned about a company who sell ethical products which don't cost the earth. They asked me to complete a survey and I mentioned that I would like to buy products for the Food Bank. The director contacted me and asked how much I was thinking of spending and I gave her a figure. She said she would add something to the order for the Food Bank as their donation.

Yesterday, I placed an order and today, she asked if it was for the Food Bank and I said it was. She emailed me and said she would put some extras in. I know all these things will be gladly received.
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Mish wrote: So excellent!!! 👌🏻
mindyjourney wrote: You always find a way to make a difference, Helen. Well done!
pluto178 wrote: You are spreading the kindness x
petroskryf wrote: Well done, Helen
Rajni wrote: It is very good to know that your kindness inspires others.
scully wrote: Way to go helen

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