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🌲 In Memory Of My Friends 🌲

--by mindyjourney, posted Jun 10, 2023

To honor my friends, the beautiful Ponderosa pines which had to be removed due to the serious damage risk to our safety and cabin hOMe, we’ve donated to One Tree Planted.

🌲 Their vision statement:
“We want to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. Together we can restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world.
We plant one tree with every dollar donated.

We have planted over 92.7 million trees in more than 80 countries across the globe since 2014…”

for more info:

🙏 Farewell, my friends. Thank you for your filtered sunlight, shade, sheltering branches for our winged, your graceful strength and for the sunsets that silhouetted your sentry of the coming night. 🕊️

*As stewards of 10 acres of land, we are blessed with approximately 500 trees to manage and maintain, which often calls for difficult decisions.

**Gifted the arborist with a loaf of homemade sourdough bread, which he much appreciated. 😊 🥖

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Readers Comments

Rajni wrote: Sister mindy, your compassionate heart made a very clever decision to donate ponderosa pines.

Your baking kindness is greatly appreciated.
DANCE wrote: Difficult decisions made with great love and kindness, thank u
Mish wrote: 🙏🌲🙏
scully wrote: Thanks for your donation and appreciation of those beautiful pines
Lovebeingkind wrote: You have a kind heart Mindy. Thanks fir looking out for the trees. 🌳❤️
petroskryf wrote: Tree kindness indeed. 🦋
pluto178 wrote: Gosh I bet that was a tough decision to make ……….feel for you x
gardengal10 wrote: Oh,that had to hurt. You put the hurt to a good cause by your donation.
dotmatrix wrote: Aw man. It's hard to say goodbye to friends. I hope they thrive in their new home (if I read that right -- replanted right?). ♥.
janfour wrote: yay trees

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