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Kindness With The Keys

--by Rajni, posted Jul 6, 2023
Kindness with the Keys

Lately, I spend more time in India and visit USA when necessary. My return flight reaches Ahmedabad 2.45 A.M. I reach home around 3.30 AM.

I live in my younger brother's apartment in Ahmedabad. His sister-in-law (LS) lives just across from my entrance door. She has the keys.

I never like to wake up anybody from a sleep. I woke up my son only when my wife was not around.

As the apartment belongs to my brother, I wrote to him that I do not like to wake LS too early nor do I like to wait till they get up. He agreed that I should keep the keys. I am grateful to him. I got extra keys made. I have the set of kind keys with me during this trip, so I do not disturb my neighbor LS anymore when I return to Ahmedabad.

I am just trying my best to live by the image quote. I particularly be vigilant not to harm anyone. I adhere to the quote by H H Dalai Lama

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them. Dalai Lama.

 I am grateful to our dear KS friend Kat94 whose Lost Keys post inspired me to post this. 

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coolschoolcanada wrote: Dalai Lama knows best!
Mish wrote: You hold the key to kindness, Rajni 🔑❤️
mindyjourney wrote: Seems KEYs are a theme lately 🔑 ! Thank you for your mindfulness :)
Rajni wrote: Our life is a mystery. We all are looking for the keys (answer, clue, solution, explanation)

KEYs are a theme of our whole life.
drjoybug wrote: Do all the good you can, however you can, whenever you can, wherever you can, whatever you can.
DANCE wrote: I agree with the very dear and special Dalai Lama
pluto178 wrote: I felt very moved when King Charles said he is here to serve us what an amazing way to be………….we must all try to do the same x

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