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Earth Kindness

--by patjos, posted Jul 15, 2023
Earth Kindness #20

Following on from our afternoon at the Coronation Cafe, the very next morning our team were out once again getting our hands dirty by planting ox-eye daisies all along one wall of the public park.
It happened that one of the ladies from our group also volunteers at the Kinross Potager Garden where they have been growing all manner of plants for around 30 years now. You can imagine how the ox-eye daisies must have come on in that time, bunching up, forming huges swathes of flowers. So it was high time that these were dug up, split and divided into clumps for planting elsewhere. Weren't we the lucky ones?
Poor Irene's car was filled to the brim with lush plants, but we soon emptied it and got them into the ground where they'll be far happier! I guess it'll be another month or so before they're tall enough to flower, but I promise to take a pic and show you all.

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coolschoolcanada wrote: Expanding mother nature's garden is wonderful! Thank you for all the beautiful work for these plants.
mindyjourney wrote: Oh, it so makes me want to get my hands dirty too! Daisies are my fave flower :))). Well done by all!
pluto178 wrote: I love the sharing nature of gardeners x
Rajni wrote: When love for mother earth springs up by planting ox-eye daisies or else hands do their duty and make heart happy and hands get cleaner after preforming our duty.

Hands do not get dirty. They are in the process of making them cleaner.
Helenconnell2 wrote: I was at the hospice yesterday and Julie was saying she was thinking of planting some things. I've put her in touch with a company who are interested in donating seeds when you place an order with them.
kmbhai wrote: very proud of you..
unknown wrote: Beautiful pics and excellent work for Mother Nature.
DANCE wrote: Great job!

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