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Frodo, Sam and the KindSpring Family

I’ve been thinking lately about my visits to the KS community, about how much I enjoy coming here and about the different types of messages which are posted here. I like to participate in some way too as I feel that it’s only fair to give as well as to receive encouragement from all of you however, I’m often at a loss as to what sort of thing to share. Should I post a pretty picture of a flower, an inspirational quote or should I tell a kindness story? When I first came to KindSpring I had recovered from depression and anxiety attacks, KS helped me to see beyond my immediate field of vision, and the inspirational stories of kindness renewed my outlook on life and the world in general. I had come from a period in my life which was pretty much summed up by these words from Tolkien which I ... Read Full Story >>

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Gandhi and The Bank Teller

After having read KindSpring member Mindyjourney's post about watching the movie Gandhi, I was reminded of an incident a couple of years back, it happened like this. I walked into a bank in town a couple of years ago and waited in the queue. I was second in line and I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation in front of me. The teller must have been having a bad day and after asking how the customer was and so on, he began to complain about our government, blaming them for not doing enough to protect the coast from storms and floods as this had been much on the news at the time. He was in a pretty low state and by the way he was talking you could tell that he was really troubled about a lot of things going on in the world. My heart went out to him, I was served next ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping Someone Find Her Way

I heard from a good friend of mine recently. She called to let me know that she recently has become separated from her husband who has bad gambling problem. She asked if I would fit some lino in her bathroom for her, so of course I agreed. Transpires that her husband has left her and her children with a great deal of debt through rent arrears. So I asked her if she would like me to call citizen’s advice on her behalf and see what is the best way forward as she’s been threatened with eviction. That opened a way for her. When she called CA herself she said that the lady there couldn’t have been more helpful, more reassuring or more positive and came away with the feeling that someone really had her back. They have referred her case to the Law Centre who will call her back today. I then heard ... Read Full Story >>

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When I First Came ...

When I first came to Kindspring I was recovering from depression and anxiety attacks. KS helped me to see beyond my immediate field of vision, and the inspirational stories of kindness renewed my outlook on life and the world in general. I had come from a period in my life which was pretty much summed up by these words from Tolkien which I read almost daily and often clung onto, Frodo: “I can’t do this, Sam” Sam: “I know. It’s all wrong. By rights we shouldn’t even be here. But we are. It’s like in the great stories, Mr Frodo, the ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end, because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing this ... Read Full Story >>

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Peace Pole ...

Just wanted to give you an update on our Peace Pole Planting. The village school has accepted the pole and has got the Council to agree that it can be planted on a grassy area directly across from the school in a very prominent place which is passed by all who enter and leave the village (think of all those Peace Prayer wishes going out!).
They have invited uor MP, MSP and lots of dignitaries as well as local newspapers. The children are going to be writing about what Peace means to them and having a Peace Pole Party to celebrate –with Peace Cakes! How amazing is that! It won’t be for a couple of weeks yet, mid-may, but I’ll keep you all informed.

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What One Person Can Do

Reflecting on a Kindspring post about what one person can do,  I thought I’d share my recent exploits. I won a Peace Pole at the end of Spring, in a competition by the Love Foundation and we then went on to plant it in the village with the help of all the schoolchildren? Well, moving on from that at the beginning of Summer, I decided to launch a Biodiversity Ambassadors group in my workplace. Well, the whole thing has taken off incredibly and we’re now onto our 5th meet up, having now had 63 people sign up, and I’m sure that more will sign up throughout the year and into the winter. We also went on a trip to look at bumblebees with a lady from the Bumblebee Conservation, a talk about a school where the children breed and release butterflies, a pond visit with a lady from the British Dragonfly society and ... Read Full Story >>

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A Group Of 30 Came Together To Be Kind To Mother Earth

Spent the morning being kind to our Earth. Nearly 30 volunteers turned out to help clean up one of the beaches nearby. We collected a huge amount of litter, bagged it and took it away for collection. A good friend brought his camper van along. He made us tea, coffee, hot chocolate for the children, and even provided us with Birthday cake!

Although there was a lot of litter lying on the beach - there was a lot of litter collected. That’s a lot less litter in the sea. Made new friends, made new plans for further beach cleans. Felt so good to be doing something so worthwhile. Amazing what can be achieved when we believe and work together. 

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Global Love Day

Received an email from The Love Foundation last night asking if I’d send details of the upcoming 21-Day Global Love Day challenge we’re hosting here at Kindspring, so I sent them lots of details. Isn’t that wonderful? Hopefully it will attract a few more visitors. Here’s the info which I sent: "For many years now, KindSpring has hosted a series of 21-Day Challenges designed to help individuals and groups grow in values that help create positive change. We’re very excited to let you know that next month, beginning on April 11th, we’ll run our first ever 21-day Global Love Day challenge. Each day, as we draw nearer to Global Love Day on May 1st, we‘ll come together through a short, 10 minute, guided meditation to lift our hearts in Love. By setting an intention each day we can spread our wishes of loving-kindness to our brothers and sisters around the world. Supported by ... Read Full Story >>

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I passed a man on the way home from work this evening. He was walking down the grass verge at the side of the carriageway. Actually, he was staggering sometimes on the verge, sometimes off. I slowed down wondering whether to stop and give him a lift, at least down to a safer part of the road, a half mile further on. Then the car behind me overtook me and I lost the nerve to stop there as the road was so busy. I couldn't be sure but he appeared to be quite drunk. I pulled into a lay-by a little way down the road and watched him in my rear-view mirror. Yep, he was obviously "well-oiled". A truck swerved to avoid him at one point -- he didn't appear to care. Having stopped now I thought I might as well sit and wait for him to reach the car. He'd probably ... Read Full Story >>

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Car Park Tidy

I scraped the weeds and earth from off the village car park surface back into the borders last night while waiting for Cubs to finish, which was a help to the volunteers who pretty up the village with their plants and flowers.
Then I litter-picked the recycling area. I got one or two strange looks, but continued regardless. I did get talking to one man who had left the village in the 60’s and had only recently moved back into the area and we got to talk about volunteering. Wish I’d taken a pic to show here. 

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Spreading Respect and Love

Over the past two months, I have given away more than 700 rainbow lanyards to colleagues who have requested them. #Pride
What a wonderful sight it is to see every day...I imagine a high five with the Universe each time I see one!
Before, it was so easy to get caught up in thinking that very little people cared, whereas now the solidarity is plainly there for all to see.

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Homemade cards for elders

Look out for the peace doves and kindness cards!

I just thought that I would post this here seeing as it's nearly Easter. I have spent some time preparing a bunch of homemade cards to send to some elderly residents of a sheltered housing complex, where our group has started gardening.
I then persuaded some others to put a pack together too. Surely, it will brighten someone's day! :)))

Thanks for inspiring me with your earlier posts guys!

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Social Distancing

Been practicing keeping our distance as we should, to the best of our ability today. Back to work tomorrow, been home working. Seems I may be deployed to help out with refuse collection or one of the other more necessary services. :) We are sooo surrounded by the reality of the Light of Love, aren't we?

Quite unbelievable days, yesterday I heard the usual talk show hosts on the radio speaking about how there is such a rise in kindness and how this needs to continue afterwards. That was a VERY unusual thing to hear on the radio! :)))

Everyone knows that we have to wake up collectively - and it's happening! Keeping you all in Love today as we do some heavy duty gardening! :)

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