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When I First Came ...

When I first came to Kindspring I was recovering from depression and anxiety attacks. KS helped me to see beyond my immediate field of vision, and the inspirational stories of kindness renewed my outlook on life and the world in general. I had come from a period in my life which was pretty much summed up by these words from Tolkien which I read almost daily and often clung onto, Frodo: “I can’t do this, Sam” Sam: “I know. It’s all wrong. By rights we shouldn’t even be here. But we are. It’s like in the great stories, Mr Frodo, the ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end, because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing this ... Read Full Story >>

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Frodo, Sam and the KindSpring Family

I’ve been thinking lately about my visits to the KS community, about how much I enjoy coming here and about the different types of messages which are posted here. I like to participate in some way too as I feel that it’s only fair to give as well as to receive encouragement from all of you however, I’m often at a loss as to what sort of thing to share. Should I post a pretty picture of a flower, an inspirational quote or should I tell a kindness story? When I first came to KindSpring I had recovered from depression and anxiety attacks, KS helped me to see beyond my immediate field of vision, and the inspirational stories of kindness renewed my outlook on life and the world in general. I had come from a period in my life which was pretty much summed up by these words from Tolkien which I ... Read Full Story >>

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Peace Pole ...

Just wanted to give you an update on our Peace Pole Planting. The village school has accepted the pole and has got the Council to agree that it can be planted on a grassy area directly across from the school in a very prominent place which is passed by all who enter and leave the village (think of all those Peace Prayer wishes going out!).
They have invited uor MP, MSP and lots of dignitaries as well as local newspapers. The children are going to be writing about what Peace means to them and having a Peace Pole Party to celebrate –with Peace Cakes! How amazing is that! It won’t be for a couple of weeks yet, mid-may, but I’ll keep you all informed.

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Kindness Rocks!

Had a visit with my daughter last night, we went for a walk round her village, she showed me some painted rocks that she'd placed on a wall at the edge of the village. This was nice to see, as the rocks she'd previously placed at a spot near the local shop disappeared, so she tried again. Good for her. So, this morning I was so very pleased for her when she discovered the posts below, on her village FB page. I don't know if you can make it out but someone posted a pic of the stones and said "some kind soul has taken time to make us smile as we wander round the village. These lovely wee painted stones were spotted today on the wall at the sub station at the bottom of the High Road. Well done someone!" This prompted the following lovely responses: "I came across these on Sunday morning ... Read Full Story >>

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Gandhi and The Bank Teller

After having read KindSpring member Mindyjourney's post about watching the movie Gandhi, I was reminded of an incident a couple of years back, it happened like this. I walked into a bank in town a couple of years ago and waited in the queue. I was second in line and I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation in front of me. The teller must have been having a bad day and after asking how the customer was and so on, he began to complain about our government, blaming them for not doing enough to protect the coast from storms and floods as this had been much on the news at the time. He was in a pretty low state and by the way he was talking you could tell that he was really troubled about a lot of things going on in the world. My heart went out to him, I was served next ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping Someone Find Her Way

I heard from a good friend of mine recently. She called to let me know that she recently has become separated from her husband who has bad gambling problem. She asked if I would fit some lino in her bathroom for her, so of course I agreed. Transpires that her husband has left her and her children with a great deal of debt through rent arrears. So I asked her if she would like me to call citizen’s advice on her behalf and see what is the best way forward as she’s been threatened with eviction. That opened a way for her. When she called CA herself she said that the lady there couldn’t have been more helpful, more reassuring or more positive and came away with the feeling that someone really had her back. They have referred her case to the Law Centre who will call her back today. I then heard ... Read Full Story >>

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What One Person Can Do

Reflecting on a Kindspring post about what one person can do,  I thought I’d share my recent exploits. I won a Peace Pole at the end of Spring, in a competition by the Love Foundation and we then went on to plant it in the village with the help of all the schoolchildren? Well, moving on from that at the beginning of Summer, I decided to launch a Biodiversity Ambassadors group in my workplace. Well, the whole thing has taken off incredibly and we’re now onto our 5th meet up, having now had 63 people sign up, and I’m sure that more will sign up throughout the year and into the winter. We also went on a trip to look at bumblebees with a lady from the Bumblebee Conservation, a talk about a school where the children breed and release butterflies, a pond visit with a lady from the British Dragonfly society and ... Read Full Story >>

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A Group Of 30 Came Together To Be Kind To Mother Earth

Spent the morning being kind to our Earth. Nearly 30 volunteers turned out to help clean up one of the beaches nearby. We collected a huge amount of litter, bagged it and took it away for collection. A good friend brought his camper van along. He made us tea, coffee, hot chocolate for the children, and even provided us with Birthday cake!

Although there was a lot of litter lying on the beach - there was a lot of litter collected. That’s a lot less litter in the sea. Made new friends, made new plans for further beach cleans. Felt so good to be doing something so worthwhile. Amazing what can be achieved when we believe and work together. 

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Global Love Day

Received an email from The Love Foundation last night asking if I’d send details of the upcoming 21-Day Global Love Day challenge we’re hosting here at Kindspring, so I sent them lots of details. Isn’t that wonderful? Hopefully it will attract a few more visitors. Here’s the info which I sent: "For many years now, KindSpring has hosted a series of 21-Day Challenges designed to help individuals and groups grow in values that help create positive change. We’re very excited to let you know that next month, beginning on April 11th, we’ll run our first ever 21-day Global Love Day challenge. Each day, as we draw nearer to Global Love Day on May 1st, we‘ll come together through a short, 10 minute, guided meditation to lift our hearts in Love. By setting an intention each day we can spread our wishes of loving-kindness to our brothers and sisters around the world. Supported by ... Read Full Story >>

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So Grateful To Have ...

So grateful to have made a new friend today! At our meditation group on Monday one of the ladies asked if the facilitator could take us through a meditation for anxiety. Later that day I thought that I would reach out to her just to let her know that I was there for her. I must admit, all sorts of reasons why I shouldn’t reach out came to mind, but I allowed myself to sit in the discomfort of my vulnerability and sent an email regardless. It was through one of those messaging type things where you can see that the other person is responding and I could see that quite soon after, the lady was writing a reply. However, she must have changed her mind and decided to delete it and not send it after all. Anyway, 2 days later, this morning, she sent me a nice message which opened up a short conversation ... Read Full Story >>

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I passed a man on the way home from work this evening. He was walking down the grass verge at the side of the carriageway. Actually, he was staggering sometimes on the verge, sometimes off. I slowed down wondering whether to stop and give him a lift, at least down to a safer part of the road, a half mile further on. Then the car behind me overtook me and I lost the nerve to stop there as the road was so busy. I couldn't be sure but he appeared to be quite drunk. I pulled into a lay-by a little way down the road and watched him in my rear-view mirror. Yep, he was obviously "well-oiled". A truck swerved to avoid him at one point -- he didn't appear to care. Having stopped now I thought I might as well sit and wait for him to reach the car. He'd probably ... Read Full Story >>

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Car Park Tidy

I scraped the weeds and earth from off the village car park surface back into the borders last night while waiting for Cubs to finish, which was a help to the volunteers who pretty up the village with their plants and flowers.
Then I litter-picked the recycling area. I got one or two strange looks, but continued regardless. I did get talking to one man who had left the village in the 60’s and had only recently moved back into the area and we got to talk about volunteering. Wish I’d taken a pic to show here. 

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Helping Daughter Sleep

My young daughter couldn't sleep earlier this evening so she called me in. I sat with her for a while asked her what was on her mind. Nothing much, she said...the book she's reading, whether or not the snow will lie...small stuff like that. When she was back in bed I prepared to do a guided meditation with her, and I began to speak about one I'd been listening to lately, one about balancing my chakras. Of course, I first had to explain chakras. She asked was it a bit like our prayer flags. Well, that was a good place to start. During the conversation we began to speak about integrity and self-worth and this led to us talking about how we each of us in this world is an amazing and awesome being. I compared her to the snow laden trees, the birds, the stars and the galaxies. We spoke about ... Read Full Story >>

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21-day Stuck At Home Kindness Challenge

21-day stuck at home kindness challenge.
Last week at work, we were asked if we knew of any planned activities suitable for the many children who are stuck at home these days. I was fortunate to know of a couple of bird/nature events happening which everyone can take part in just by looking that their garden, so I quickly suggested these.

I wondered afterwards if there was anything else that I could do, and then, over the weekend, little by little, it came to me that it would be lovely to run a 21-day challenge here at Kindspring, that children no matter where they are can sign up to. So, last night, I got together with my daughter, and we wrote out a list of kindness activities which children could do either at home on in their local area.

So keep your eyes open for the challenge, I hope to run it before the end of the month, or possibly 1st Feb.  Kids only!

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Homemade cards for elders

Look out for the peace doves and kindness cards!

I just thought that I would post this here seeing as it's nearly Easter. I have spent some time preparing a bunch of homemade cards to send to some elderly residents of a sheltered housing complex, where our group has started gardening.
I then persuaded some others to put a pack together too. Surely, it will brighten someone's day! :)))

Thanks for inspiring me with your earlier posts guys!

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Spreading Respect and Love

Over the past two months, I have given away more than 700 rainbow lanyards to colleagues who have requested them. #Pride
What a wonderful sight it is to see every day...I imagine a high five with the Universe each time I see one!
Before, it was so easy to get caught up in thinking that very little people cared, whereas now the solidarity is plainly there for all to see.

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Transplanting Plants On The Roadside

Often while on my morning walk along a country lane, I notice the spaces where fallen trees have left only their stumps with very little growing there now. It seems such a shame to me that there's little there now for the birds and bees.
A couple of days ago, I found a large bank of snowdrops growing over the mound of an underground oil tank by an abandoned house. So taking advantage of the soft ground after a recent snow melt, I dug up a bagful, then transplanted them along the roadside verge, putting a small clump beside the old stumps and in many other places along the way. Although they're a bit late to establish for this year, I'm sure they look very bright and pretty for years to come and will be a source of early food for the pollinators who visit them. Next step dear Universe, could you please find me some hawthorns, brambles and rose hips that need new homes. Happy bees!

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Planting Perfection One Cutting at a Time

Most of my morning walks take me up a quiet road near Glentarkie and returning home along the edge of a couple of fields. I love this little walk which takes around 45 minutes and passes some of my favourite foraging areas. Later in the year, I’ll collect crab apples, brambles, raspberries, rose hips and elderberries and if I remember some elderflowers to make cordial. The rest will go towards jams, wine and chutneys. As it’s become ‘My Walk', I’ve also cleared up most of the litter from the roadside verge, mostly for my own benefit, but I know that others must enjoy it being litter free too. I’ve noticed too that there are stretches of grass verge where there are no shrubs growing, which is a shame as the wee animals and birds could be hiding there or making their homes. Last year I considered planting hawthorn along the verges, but raising them ... Read Full Story >>

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Planting Kindness for the Future

I took my spade and trowel to the wee community woodland yesterday.  I'd had my eye on some Hawthorn saplings which were growing there.  I'd spotted them last week when I noticed that they'd taken root too close to the path and wouldn't survive long there.   I was pleased to find another one growing right up against the trunk of a Birch, so I looked for more that had rooted in this way and eventually came away with around two dozen baby Hawthorn, four young Yew and four slightly larger Beech.  The Beech would eventually have grown large and smothered everything else underneath, so I was rather pleased to get these out early.   The woodland mostly consists of Birch, Sloe, Wild Rose, Bramble, Hazel and other native large shrubs. This morning I took a walk along my usual route outside the village and managed to plant and water in 11 of the Hawthorns and two of the Yews.   Further ... Read Full Story >>

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Social Distancing

Been practicing keeping our distance as we should, to the best of our ability today. Back to work tomorrow, been home working. Seems I may be deployed to help out with refuse collection or one of the other more necessary services. :) We are sooo surrounded by the reality of the Light of Love, aren't we?

Quite unbelievable days, yesterday I heard the usual talk show hosts on the radio speaking about how there is such a rise in kindness and how this needs to continue afterwards. That was a VERY unusual thing to hear on the radio! :)))

Everyone knows that we have to wake up collectively - and it's happening! Keeping you all in Love today as we do some heavy duty gardening! :)

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Litter Pick on an Icy Hill

I took a walk up East Lomond Hill this afternoon with my children. We were all wrapped up in waterproofs. The thaw was on and the packed snow had turned to ice.

The children had a great time sliding back downhill on their backs getting completely soaked yet not caring in the slightest.

I noticed a few pieces of broken plastic sleds around on the way up, but fortunately, I had a bin liner in my coat pocket, so I had an impromptu litter pick on the way down while the children slid here and there.

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Earth Kindness #21

Earth Kindness #21 Earlier in the year we set out plans for a potential butterfly garden on an under-utilised area of greenspace right in the heart of the village. We drew up a plan showing our ideas and thought how we could go about them; a lot would depend on fundraising for us to buy wildflower turf. As it turned out, the Universe of course had other plans! While we waited to see if our funding would come through, Butterfly Conservation Scotland out of the blue, offered us enough wildflower mix seed to cover the whole of the area which we’d marked for this purpose on our plan. The problem was that the seed would have to be sown within the next fortnight, which also meant that the turf would have to be stripped back to bare earth before we could sow! So, I asked around for a machine to lift the turf, but no ... Read Full Story >>

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Sowing Shrubs of Beauty

As I'm on Easter break here, I managed to get out and finish off filling the gaps in the hedge row along my morning walk with 11 more Hawthorns. In the afternoon I made a good start on the Dryside road which runs through to Kinross by planting a couple of baby Yews, two small Beech which will hopefully become hedges rather than full grown trees and 14 young Hawthorns.

These are much more noticeable than the elder and willow cuttings which I'm hoping will take root, so might see some noticeable growth on these this year.

I will take a look at my wild Rose cuttings and see how they are faring later this evening.

Sunflower seeds now sown in pots for planting later round the village Peace Pole to honour the people of Ukraine.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.

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Earth Kindness

Earth Kindness #20

Following on from our afternoon at the Coronation Cafe, the very next morning our team were out once again getting our hands dirty by planting ox-eye daisies all along one wall of the public park.
It happened that one of the ladies from our group also volunteers at the Kinross Potager Garden where they have been growing all manner of plants for around 30 years now. You can imagine how the ox-eye daisies must have come on in that time, bunching up, forming huges swathes of flowers. So it was high time that these were dug up, split and divided into clumps for planting elsewhere. Weren't we the lucky ones?
Poor Irene's car was filled to the brim with lush plants, but we soon emptied it and got them into the ground where they'll be far happier! I guess it'll be another month or so before they're tall enough to flower, but I promise to take a pic and show you all.

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Strathmiglo Biodiversity Village By Strathmiglo · Maphub

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Earth Kindness on Easter

Earth Kindness #17
What a lovely Easter Sunday we had last week. Our conservation group invited 20 families to come out to the local public park to plant 15 alders and 5 rowan trees along the riverside. The trees were planted by the children and dedicated to families and individuals from the village, completing the first of 2 planting sessions which will take place this year as part of our Biodiversity Village initiative.
It was a lovely sunny morning and the children were really happy to be taking part, something that will live on with them for years. The Easter Bunny visited too with chocolate eggs, which broadened the smiles!

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Earth Kindness #12

Earth Kindness #12
Our Biodiversity Village is taking shape now that we've officially launched. Our first big task was to plant a hedgerow of 390 trees and shrubs along the banks of the Eden as it runs through our village. This will form part of a lovely wild harvest corridor for the local bat population whio come down from the nearby woodland to feed along the length of the river.
We had a lovely morning for our planting and a great turnout. Many donuts were consumed along the way!
Some volunteers came from as far away as 15 miles to help out even though they have their own villages to look after, so very kind.
Here you can see some of the children who helped out and earned their share of donuts and yum yums! We planted a good mix of Hazel, Elder, Blackthorn (sloe), Rowan, Crab Apple and Dog Rose, which means plenty of flowers for the pollinators, plenty of fruit for the birds and plenty of cover for the wee small mammakes to hide in. Three types of wonderful!

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Earth Kindness

Took a walk along my country road today to see how the cuttings I'd stuck in the ground were coming along, or to see whether they'd survived or not. They have! It must have taken root as the buds have healthy little shoots growing.
It is so easy to do. Take a cutting 12 inches or more long, stick it in the ground, water it if you can. Hey presto! Elder work the same as Willow it seems.  Can't see to upload a picture :(

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Earth Kindness

Earth Kindness #18
Out again at the weekend. This time, a woodland workout which we finished by clearing the path into the woods of grass and moss. Such a satisfying morning's work. Can once again see the tarmac path and hopefully this will be of some use again to those with mobility scooters and prams.
We also managed to fill a bag full of roadside litter, while a few pasers-by gave us a toot on their horns.
Can't wait till the first Saturday in May when we'll be out planting sunflowers along the roadside with the children (and cake!), so watch this space!

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Plants sale

I had quite a number of veg plants left over after having planted the ones that I needed in my allotment garden and as I couldn't bear to just throw the remainder onto the compost heap, I decided to hold a plant sale by the side of the road. I'd 30 small Tomato plants for a start and added to this Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts and Purple Broccoli. After a few hours, I'd recouped the cost of the compost (peat-free) and I could tell that passers-by were enjoying the bargains, so I went in search of more plants from those that I'd still to plant out. In came the French Beans, Mangetout, Peas and I was able to add some Strawberry runners to the mix. Honestly, I could have sold twice as much - maybe next year! The highlight was on the first day when I was in the kitchen writing up the ... Read Full Story >>

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