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Earth Kindness #21

--by patjos, posted Jul 15, 2023
Earth Kindness #21
Earlier in the year we set out plans for a potential butterfly garden on an under-utilised area of greenspace right in the heart of the village.

We drew up a plan showing our ideas and thought how we could go about them; a lot would depend on fundraising for us to buy wildflower turf. As it turned out, the Universe of course had other plans!

While we waited to see if our funding would come through, Butterfly Conservation Scotland out of the blue, offered us enough wildflower mix seed to cover the whole of the area which we’d marked for this purpose on our plan.

The problem was that the seed would have to be sown within the next fortnight, which also meant that the turf would have to be stripped back to bare earth before we could sow!

So, I asked around for a machine to lift the turf, but no one came forward, I’d not expected them to, but you never know. It was suggested that we hire a machine, so I looked into this an I could get a good deal for £30 plus delivery. Not having the money, I wondered how we could get around this.

Last weekend, before we set out to plant our Sunflowers, insert link, an unexpected kindness! As I was speaking to a man who lives opposite the sunflower bank, a lady approached me and asked if we were the conservation group and handed me a donation of £40! Wasn't that good of her and wasn't it just so timely? Seeing that, the man that I was speaking too, delved into his wallet and also handed me a donation!

Don’t you just love it when the Universe smiles on you like that? And that’s exactly what I was thinking of, ‘Thank you Universe’ 😊

Problem solved. We hired the turf-lifting machine on Thursday last and set to work cutting the turf. I sent out a call for Sunday volunteers and 10 turned up including a new lady from a neighbouring village, so we all got to work rolling and stacking the turf into creatively shaped mounds in the centre of our garden. The soil was then cleared and raked and the seed sown and watered in.

We were just about to leave for the day, when my friend turned up with a carload of dog daisies and buddleia. What a joy! Everyone grabbed a spade and set to work planting up the clumps of daisies all along the back of the garden. Of course, these dog daisies aren’t on our planting plan (just the buddleia are), but if the Universe says that they’ll go well there, then who am I to argue!

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coolschoolcanada wrote: By planting flowers and going through all of the motions and universe's involvement, your intentions will turn seeds into flowers into nectar for pollinators who will pollinate food for you all to eat. It comes full circle. Thank you for putting that intention out there and for helping the butterflies! What kindness you have told us about from the neighboring folks.
gardengal10 wrote: I love how everything worked out in such a timely manner.
Mish wrote: When the intention is good The Universe open# doors. How totally marvelous!!! 💖🦋💖
TC wrote: The universe did provide in so many ways. Wonderful!!!
mindyjourney wrote: Amazing how the Universe pulls out the helps when needed! Looking forward to hearing all about those butterflies 🦋 😊.
Rajni wrote: God liked your plans so he is sending you Earthly Angels to help you in many ways. We are happy that everything worked out in a timely manner. Earth smiles with flowers.
pluto178 wrote: I do love your attitude and there is nothing finer than a thank you chat with Tu………..The Universe certainly knows what we need and when we need it. Well done on another excellent job x
kmbhai wrote: big salute.
DANCE wrote: Amazing how things can work out sometimes, what a great plan you had and wonderful people around you to help
janfour wrote: so happy to hear of your good fortune - everyone will enjoy

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