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--by Helenconnell2, posted Aug 17, 2023
I used to regularly do counted cross stitch but after I had my daughter there was less time to do it and I moved on to other crafts. However, recently I found a kit to stitch an owl so I've been doing a little each day so I don't tire myself so much. I'm making it for my daughter as we share a love of owls.

This morning while shopping, I joined a queue and then the store opened up another till. There was a couple behind me and I could see they hadn't as much in there trolley as I did so I told them to go across.

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Rajni wrote: Your patience to do cross stitching is commendable.
Your shopping also shows patience.
kmbhai wrote: so nice..
janfour wrote: that is a cute owl!!
petroskryf wrote: Such a pretty owl
DANCE wrote: Sweet, love owls!
gardengal10 wrote: You find the sweetest pieces to make.
Mish wrote: Enjoy doing this pretty create for your daughter, Helen 👍
mindyjourney wrote: I used to do counted cross-stitch - a lot! What a lovely owl 🦉 and good way to channel that energy too :).
TheHuman wrote: Good 🙂
dotmatrix wrote: I used to cross-stitch too. Cute owl! ♥

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