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Being There

--by heartofflesh, posted Sep 9, 2023
I made a site visit to the outskirts of our city Chennai India along with my client. He is in the process of trying to sell some plots which are part of a large Lay-out.
He was very happy I accompanied him. Sometimes you need to be available and also help them professionally so that they have better hope.

This too is kindness, that is, giving my time and being with him and also helping him to get back some of the money he has invested in the land.
Being an architect I give him right advice. More importantly he has complete confidence in me.
My presence reassures him and we get along well.
Please wish him well!
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Mish wrote: Well done, HOF. Am sure he greatly appreciated your help. All good things for your friend 🙏
TheHuman wrote: Fantastic 👏👏👏
dotmatrix wrote: Wishing you both well. Very kind of you. ♥
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your time and advice :)
pluto178 wrote: 👍
cheeka wrote: You are a very kind architect! Thank you
DANCE wrote: Thank u

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