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Green alternative with Soap Nuts

--by 4abetterworld, posted Sep 9, 2023
Today I tried out soap nuts (aka soap berries) instead of conventional laundry detergent. Only 5 for a full washload and my clothes came out sparkling clean and smelling lovely. Really pleased with the results and will continue to buy and use these. No way back now for me!

Keen to do more for Mother Earth by reducing some more plastic / cutting out chemicals where I can. Seemingly you can even use soap nuts to clean your home, wash your dishes and even wash your hair. So I boiled up the soap nuts which came out nice and soft from the washing machine and let them simmer for about half an hour. Totally looking forward to trying out a new green cleaning detergent and a washing-up liquid. Next plan is to replace plastic water bottles for glass ones as these will def get recycled.

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Kmb wrote: A wonderful reminder to green alternatives, with a reminder they came first. 😉
Kagurazaka Mahiro wrote: I think this is a positive initiative that demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability. Using soap nuts instead of traditional laundry detergent is an eco-friendly choice that reduces reliance on chemicals and minimizes plastic waste. Additionally, by considering replacing plastic water bottles with glass ones, you are addressing the issue of plastic pollution. These efforts contribute to environmental protection and the well-being of our planet, making a positive impact on future sustainability.

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