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--by Rajni, posted Sep 11, 2023

I used to make greeting cards and quote cards over the years. Others were helping me in this regard. Last seven years, I live more time in India and visit USA for 3-4 months when needed. I gave greeting cards and quote cards making stuff to a friend. But his business did not permit him to do so.

I got the stuff back from him. Some card making stuff was with another friend. I was thinking of giving up card making stuff to any school, so they get most out of it. My friend's wife suggested to donate them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill for after Corona pandemic schools do not accept anything for others. My focus was on school, and my positive thinking gave me success. Quitters never win.

I asked our dear KS friend Mish to help me find any school. She found one schoolteacher. I am grateful to her and the teacher as well for accepting all the card making stuff that I gathered over the years. She asked me are they free? I replied " Absolutely free".

Yesterday June 8, the school teacher and her daughter picked up about 15 boxes that include, boxes of letter size color cards white cards, some cards in different sizes, different size envelopes, all sorts of printed finished and unfinished greeting cards, colored papers some paper punches, some rubber stamps, color markers and pencils, paper trimmers, heavy duty lamination machine and lamination sheets., files and some other articles. I am grateful to her.

 By giving up all these things, I did not lose anything but my heart was filled with full satisfaction and happiness that the things are in the good hands. She made my day. 

I also offered her my willingness to help online about making greeting cards, bookmarks and quote cards making tips.

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving me these opportunities of kindness and guiding and helping me in this regard.
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cheeka wrote: "my positive thinking gave me success. Quitters never win." what an outstanding message you have given to the fellow kind springers! May your tribe grow, Rajni ji! Thank you for everything you do.
mindyjourney wrote: A great way to keep the kindness card “biz” in operation! How wonderful that Mish was a link to her friend that could use all those great materials!
DANCE wrote: How wonderful, thank you
pluto178 wrote: True x
unknown wrote: Thank You for sharing this post 🙏
Mish wrote: Thank you for your always generous sharings,Rajni. My friend the teacher so enjoyed meeting you & said you made her day ❤️
dotmatrix wrote: Oh wow, Rajni. What a generous and thoughtful gift. I'm so glad your cardmaking materials found such a great home. {{{{Mish+Rajni}}}} well done. ♥
gardengal10 wrote: Wonderful!
Drewtopian_1 wrote: We used to sign cards at my day program HASCI. I don't know what happened to that. Maybe it's because it's play season.

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