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Wonders Of A Smile

--by Mnc_91, posted Sep 11, 2023
I woke up a bit worried about the many deliverables in the office that needed to be done for the day. When I arrived at the office the guard flashed a beautiful good morning smile that instantly washed my worries away. His smile was contagious that I realized I arrived at my desk and gleefully greeted my officemates with same smile.

On my way home, I got the chance to give a slice of cake to a homeless child.
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Thankyou wrote: Thank you for being kind.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you the cake and smiles! 😊
pluto178 wrote: Productive day x
Mish wrote: The power of a shared smile…can change the day 😊
TheHuman wrote: Simply Fantastic 🙂

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