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🏡 Welcome! 🌲

--by mindyjourney, posted Sep 16, 2023

In the middle of it all - MisterM’s health challenges (leg getting better, but cataract surgeries coming up!), construction of deck addition and niece’s recent wedding, our godson, his wife and their 3 sons, aged 12, 10 and 8 are arriving later today for a visit.

The Black Hills of South Dakota is a popular tourist destination, as we well know.  We vacationed here every summer for over 30 some years after my sister moved to the Hills with her husband and 2 daughters.

Since realizing our dream of moving here and now being hosts instead of guests, I can more fully understand the anticipation, the wanting to show our appreciation for their visit.

As we prepared by cleaning, tidying, baking, cooking, etc…I was struck by the force of what my sister must have felt before our arrival.

Expressing our gratitude for all she did over the years to welcome us, we are now doing similar 🙏.

*Video is of this morning at our cabin hOMe. Please note that I was only off by 20 years with the date mentioned in the video! :))) :

**The WELCOME basket is our addition that amps up the anticipation and thoughts of our guests' arrival. Personally tailored, this one has S’more makings, insulated water bottles with Custer State Park stickers to decorate them with, CSP reusable souvenir bag, kid friendly snacks and tourist literature.

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greenurlifenow wrote: You are such a kind and wonderful person, mj.

Hope mister feels better and you have great visit.
Rajni wrote: May MisterM be healthy and comfortable to welcome guests.

Indian scriptures proclaim: "Treat guests as God" Thanks for putting this in practice.
unknown wrote: Wow 🙂 You are so Great 🙏
kmbhai wrote: Prayers for Mr. Roger’s health. Happy vacations to all your guests.
Mish wrote: You are both such loving guest welcomers…enjoy the visit ❤️
ado wrote: I am sure everyone will be delighted by visiting you. Nature around you looks great and you did a wonderful job with arranging things.
pluto178 wrote: Make sure Mr M doesn’t push himself too hard but he will enjoy the visitors as will you have fun x
gardengal10 wrote: You are the BEST hostess!
Brindlegirl wrote: You are a natural host Mindy! And your welcome baskets looks so full of love 💕
fairykats wrote: I was so scared of my cataract surgeries, but tell Mister Mister that he will sail through and to be prepared for so much LIGHT!! I had one eye done at a time and couldn't believe how much brighter everything was. Miraculous.

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