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Spreading The Love.

--by 4abetterworld, posted Sep 16, 2023
Thoroughly enjoying the lucky clover-picking time. Got a new batch finally dried and waiting to be laminated.

Bought 2 paper punches yesterday so I can add paper love hearts and clovers to my little treasures. Looking forward to gifting them.

Let me know if you want any. I'll be glad to send for free. 🍀❤️

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pluto178 wrote: Looks like a lotta luck there x
Mish wrote: Cool & kind 👌🏻 🍀❤️
mindyjourney wrote: Amazing how you find those! And thank you again for the ones you shared w/me that I then shared :))) 🍀.
DANCE wrote: Wow, so many!!!
SissyLee wrote: Lovely!
Dandeliongirl wrote: i know it's been months, please let me know if you get anymore. i would love to share them with friends.

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