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Kindness acts🙂

--by TheHuman, posted Oct 8, 2023
Stranger asked for help. He requested empty bag. It costs around 5-10 INR for bag. I gave it for free.

While drinking tea, a helper came there. I paid for his tea.

We gave Sambar Rice to neighbour.

I went for drinking tea. Tea shop people cracked some jokes. I cracked some jokes. We enjoyed and laughed.

A helper came to shop. I offered him chair.

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TheHuman wrote: The lord t a k e s c a r e o f u s.
ado wrote: Thank you for your generosity and many acts of kindness.
dotmatrix wrote: So many kind acts, TH. Well done! ♥
Rajni wrote: You are doing a very good job. Kindness matters.
cabbage wrote: Beautiful acts of kindness--thank you!
pluto178 wrote: Lovely day x
mindyjourney wrote: So many ways to be kind! Thank you :)
cheeka wrote: Nice acts of kindness!

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