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Raoks 19th June 2023

--by 4abetterworld, posted Oct 15, 2023
Have decided to make even more of an effort to spread the lurve and kindness. Been slacking off a bit this year so it is time to get back on track in that respect. Actually daily if possible ;-) Today there were many opportunities to do so:

Went to the animal shelter again today for a bit of cat-cuddling. Bonded with a tricky cat (the bitey scratchy type) and was pleased to earn his trust. Heard that so many of the staff were off sick from a fellow cat-cuddler who was helping the staff clean the litter trays and feed the kitties. We cat-cuddlers do not do the "dirty work" as it were. On my way out, I noticed the visitor guest bathroom could do with a bit of cleaning, so did that anonymously. Also pressed all the paper towels into the overflowing bin and watered a plant there.

Back home I noticed our communal washing machine was being inspected by the caretaker. It has been playing up lately with the door remaining locked after a washing cycle ends. My laundry had been in since last night and he said I should do it again. Afterwards I took photos of the electronic display of my washing load and wrote a message to say it looked like we could wash for free. Normally we put coins into a meter. I must confess I was briefly tempted to sneak in another laundry load for free but I didn't. Was a good girl ;-)

Then I baked some vegan scones and prepared a gift bag full of clotted cream and English jams and wrote a nice card for my dentist to thank her for her help. Last time I was there about half a year ago, I was an emotional mess and she just told me to put my hand on my stomach and focus on my breathing.Think of that a lot when I practice mindfulness. I will write her a nice online review after my sewing group this evening. The receptionist was delighted to receive my gift for the dentist and all the team 😊

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kindspringer wrote: It is understood that kindness is an authentic quality of the heart. Be you.
madonna wrote: Wow-yum. One could be jealous just by viewing this post, the clotted cream is a trigger to many decades of uti's. English muffins and delicate strawberries are always a fav!

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