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--by cheeka, posted Oct 15, 2023
Our banana tree was kind enough to give us a huge bunch of bananas, banana flowers and banana stem. We kept it for a few days for the bananas to ripen. Today I cut the banana bunch into about 8-10 dozen sets, placed it in a bag, walked towards our community staff and delivered it to them.They were happy and so was I.
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TheHuman wrote: Simply Superb!!!
pluto178 wrote: That is fantastic x
ado wrote: Thank you for your time and generosity.
mindyjourney wrote: Nothing like a little kindness that goes β€œbananas!” Well done, my friend 🍌.
petroskryf wrote: Really kind of you
Mish wrote: Yummy kindness!! πŸŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ»
DANCE wrote: Super!
Dandeliongirl wrote: what a wonderful gift !!
Rajni wrote: God blessed you with more bananas and kind heart, You made many people happy with your kindness. Well done.

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