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--by cheeka, posted Oct 15, 2023
Our banana tree was kind enough to give us a huge bunch of bananas, banana flowers and banana stem. We kept it for a few days for the bananas to ripen. Today I cut the banana bunch into about 8-10 dozen sets, placed it in a bag, walked towards our community staff and delivered it to them.They were happy and so was I.
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cleolady wrote: Wow. So many recipes for bananas. Banana pudding. Banana pancakes. Banana muffins. Banana cake. Banana bread. Banana cookies. Banana brownies. Banana ice cream. Banana waffles. Banana sandwich. Banana cake. Do you just have bananas? A colonel grandfather had a banana plantation, so many recipes to share if you'd like cheeka.
unknown wrote: Simply Superb!!!
pluto178 wrote: That is fantastic x
ado wrote: Thank you for your time and generosity.
mindyjourney wrote: Nothing like a little kindness that goes β€œbananas!” Well done, my friend 🍌.
petroskryf wrote: Really kind of you
Mish wrote: Yummy kindness!! πŸŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ»
DANCE wrote: Super!
Dandeliongirl wrote: what a wonderful gift !!
Rajni wrote: God blessed you with more bananas and kind heart, You made many people happy with your kindness. Well done.

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