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Kindness Bingo

--by Dandeliongirl, posted Oct 28, 2023
Hello everyone.
On my last trip to our Dollar Store (a store that carries low priced items ranging from cards and decorations to food and kitchen cleaners and utensils),
i noticed a Kindness challenge for school children for sale.
One of the 'challenges' was to "apologize to someone that you said something mean to"
- there were many items on the paper, this was only the first one that I am able to recall..... maybe it was called Kindness Bingo?? -

anyway, this got me thinking... how can I incorporate this or something like it, for adults??  can I bring it in to my job and get people involved ??
I will go back to the store and buy it and see what other ideas/challenges are listed.

hugs, hugs and love to you all !!!
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SDM wrote: Dandeliongirl i hope you will post again after you have tried this with adults, whether at your work place of elsewhere. I is a great idea that even i need to try. It is important to apologize for the wrong things we do or say. I pray so very often for help to "guard my mouth".
pluto178 wrote: Rather than people having to share perhaps they could spend five minutes thinking of someone who they said something mean to and ask for their forgiveness……..or do the chant I am sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, thank you……….it really does work …..a great idea though I hope it goes well. X
Mish wrote: I think a workplace kindness challenge is a brilliant idea….go for it! 👌🏻❤️
mindyjourney wrote: they are doing this through our local library as part of the summer reading program!
unknown wrote: Fantastic 👌👌👌
Drewtopian_1 wrote: That sounds like the kindest challenge I've ever heard of.
cheeka wrote: Very kind idea!
DANCE wrote: Lovely idea to do this
brindlegirl wrote:
Maybe you could start a office kindness challenge? Or post one of these daily or weekly in tea room inviting others to also take on the daily challenge?
Rajni wrote: Kindness is always in fashion.

You have a very good idea to get others inspired to do kind acts.

Have faith in God that He will definitely help you in this regard.

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