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Kindness To Stranger, Customer And Earth 🌎

--by TheHuman, posted Oct 28, 2023
A Stranger requested for help. He went to my neighbour's shop and he failed to get his work done. He came to me. He wanted to weigh the metal coil. I agreed to his request. I switched on the weighing machine. He placed the coil. It was around 15 kg. He was happy that I accepted his request.

A customer came to my shop. I asked him to pay 1350 INR. He said he didn't have money to pay for the vegetables. He paid 1300 INR instead. If he had paid more we would have made a good profit. But he was in a bad condition. So, I took 50 INR less.

I switched off the fan and sat infront of the shop. I enjoyed cool air. I did Earth kindness because I switched off fan and saved energy.
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pluto178 wrote: You probably saved that 50INR as well lol…….you are a very thoughtful man x
ado wrote: A lot of kind acts of kindness. Thank you.
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for being kind to others.
mindyjourney wrote: Treating all with kindness :)
cheeka wrote: Thank you for offering the customer INR 50 less

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