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I Can Do

--by drjoybug, posted Oct 28, 2023
I can do all this so much better now that I am pain free.

Gave out quote cards at the YMCA today. And shared another bracelet!

Blessings to you all

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jyo wrote: Outstanding and amazing.
DANCE wrote: So pleased for you
DotMatrix wrote: So grateful you are. ♥
pluto178 wrote: Love the idea I can be all that I dream……………and life is so different when you cease to be in physical pain unless you experience it its not easy to explain you keep waiting for its return and then one day you wont think about it at all……well done I am delighted for you x
Mish wrote: Bless, Joy 💕
mindyjourney wrote: Oh, i am so glad! Thank you :))
ado wrote: That's great. Glad you are better pain free and thanks for your acts of kindness.
petroskryf wrote: So glad for you
kmbhai wrote: Beautiful..

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