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Prayers To Strangers And Sharing Bananas

--by TheHuman, posted Nov 19, 2023
Prayers to Strangers: Last week I came to know about cyclone disaster. I decided to pray for strangers affected by cyclone. I prayed, "Please bless people affected by cyclone. Please help them".

Bananas Kindness: Last week when we were hungry we bought bananas. We shared bananas with helper, neighbour and one customer who is also a neighbour.

Cold Drink Kindess: We shared Thums Up Cold Drink with the workers, my neighbour and the auto driver.

Dog Kindness: A Person was giving food to the Dogs. I felt good.
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mindyjourney wrote: Thank you 😊
Mish wrote: Nice kindness. Bless. ❤️
dotmatrix wrote:
ado wrote: Thank you for doing so many acts of kindness. Much appreciated.
cheeka wrote: Bless you for all your kindness acts!
petroskryf wrote: Kindness in so many ways, thank you

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