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Sharing Homemade Scones

--by 4abetterworld, posted Nov 19, 2023
Today's acts of kindness include:
1) Making home-made scones for my sewing group and taking along some nice jam and clotted cream (which is hard to get over here in Europe) to go along with them.
2) Gifting some lucky clover to a few ladies in my sewing group.
3) Giving a lady in my sewing group some 1 cent coins for her "speciality". See my latest post.
4) Looking out some 1 cent coins for her and giving them a good dunk in bircarbonate of soda to give them a good shine. I will leave the "pennies" at my sewing group for the lady next time I go there.
5) Setting up a new Kindspring challenge which deals with the topic of reducing our ecological footprint. Maybe you might care to take part in it? If so, please see below ;-)

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MasterEgg46 wrote: Tasty and delicious, celebrating with the above scone recipe foe the twins birthday, larau and kath! Thanks fhe recipe robert!

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