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Kindness and compassion in action

--by TheHuman, posted Nov 19, 2023
Kindness to a ederly woman: An elderly woman came to me. She held a tub of rice requesting for more. I looked around in my shop and found an open rice bag. I took 2 hands full of rice and gave to her. Her face glowed like a lamp. She remembered me because I had helped her last time too. She mentioned that last time my shop had been in another location. I said yes. It just costs around 10 INR for the rice given. With just little cost, her face glowed like a lamp. I understood many kind acts require little money only.

Kindness to Medium Sized Living Being: When I went to the rest room I found a finger sized living being. Mother generally kills it. So, I went to the hall and brought a paper. I used paper and it climbed on the paper. I moved it to outside our home. I felt joy after saving this medium sized living being.

Kindness to Canadians: A KindSpringer posted about wildfires disaster in Canada. So after my shower I prayed, "Please bless all Canadians affected by Wildfire disaster. Please help them. Please Please".

Kindness to Rickshaw Driver: A Customer came to my shop. We are supposed to sell a bag for 1300 INR. He said last time he paid 1250 INR. I said prices have raised. But I was moved when I heard that he was a rickshaw driver. So I charged him less. He felt happy. I felt joy.

Kindness to my Father: I applied balm and pressed father's legs. I am happy to serve my father. My father has done so much to me. Giving something back to him is an amazing feeling.

Kindness to Professors and Best Friend: I was moved by a KindSpring Post "Saving a Butterfly". It contains solution to question that 'what we may do to change the world'. I made a PDF file of this post. I sent this PDF file as Surprise Gift to my 3 Professors and one of my best friend.
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kmbhai wrote: Superb..
cabbage wrote: All of your acts of kindness are so heartful and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing!
mindyjourney wrote: In all ways - Kindness 🕊️
pluto178 wrote: Well done I love it when you can see something in the information you receive. X
ado wrote: So many acts of kindness. All of them are amazing. Thank you for doing them.
Rajni wrote: Your kindness activities are piling up/ You are doing a good job.

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