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Little Kindness Is Flying

--by Rajni, posted Nov 21, 2023
Little Kindness Is Flying with me.

I checked my bag near the entrance. The attendant asked me if I needed a wheelchair assistance. I politely declined. I knew that it is a very small airport.

At SNA airport, I told a joke to the pilot while we were waiting for a lady ahead of us in the wheelchair who got up slowly and was assisted to enter the plane. I prayed for her wellbeing. The pilot helped me put my bag in overhead space. I sent him a quote card with peace dove with air hostess.

I occupied the very first seat near the door. I smiled at some passengers and returned some back.

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving me these opportunities of kindness and guiding and helping me in this regard

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milkyway wrote: The kindness wings just keep flapping right along. All birds matter.
pluto178 wrote: A beautiful quote and image, it catches the eyes.
Mish wrote: You travel with kindness, always. Bless 🙏
cheeka wrote: SNA is a cute, friendly airport. Am glad it hosted a friendly, kindest person in you.
TheHuman wrote: Thank You for all that you do 🙂
petroskryf wrote: On the wings of kindness. Thank you for sharing.
pluto178 wrote: A wing and a prayer x
DANCE wrote: I can always imagine you radiating light as you travel
mindyjourney wrote: The kindness you radiate encircles you, dear brother Rajni :)

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