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Recent Acts Of Kindness 11th - 18th July 2023.

--by 4abetterworld, posted Nov 21, 2023
Recent acts of kindness:

1) Made peace with situations that caused me pain in the distant past by forgiving those that hurt me and forgiving myself because we were young and it's OK to make mistakes when you're young and don't know any better.
2) Gave a few ladies at my sewing group a laminated lucky clover.
3) Supported the lady who organises the sewing courses by purchasing goods at her shop such as fabrics and sewing equipment.
4) Bought fresh fruit and veg from the local farmer's shop. Also bought a cool handcrafted handbag with love and peace symbols from the 70's. (The decade I was born in ;-))
5) Bought my cat healthy tinned cat food with a high meat content as opposed to being filled with cereals or sugar.
6) Bought my cat eco-friendly cat litter made from sustainably-harvested plant fibres which are soft on his paws. Yes, I have spoiled him but he's worth every inch of it!
7) Bought myself nice vegan beauty products such as toothpaste and shower gel.
8) Bought myself yummy vegan chocolate!
9) Bought toothbrushes made from bamboo as opposed to plastic.
10) Washed laundry with 5 soap nuts which I then boiled up to make a natural cleaning detergent with.
11) Made smalltalk and smiled at people I met whilst out and about.
12) Put fresh flowers into the hallway of the block of apartments I share with other tenants.
13) Hoovered and mopped the floor of the communal laundry room when I was cleaning my own apartment. It only took me a few minutes and at the moment I have a little more time on my hands compared to them.
14) Bought some cake for the ladies and man at my sewing group.
15) Left some tips when eating out.

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Masterkindness wrote: 16. Told the mill workers aka people to be nice and stop the meanness they are paid for because it fosters a yucky community. Sent out well wishes to their disturbing souls. Bless the children.

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