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Intention Of Five Kind Acts A Day!

--by 4abetterworld, posted Dec 9, 2023
Today's random acts of kindness were:
1) Buying some ointment for my neighbour who has a slight ailment.
2) Offering a lady at the table near me some cough sweets.

I have been getting some inspiration from the Kindspring ideas page... and will buy some flowers for an elderly lady in my neighbourhood and deposit them on her doorstep. I will also hide 5 euros in a public place (probably a public toilet) and perhaps buy a packet of cigarettes for a man in my neighbourhood who made me smile when I cried a few months ago. Will put them into his mailbox anonymously.

I feel like doing 5 random acts of kindness a day. Just because! Kindness is a form of love and love makes the world go around. I know you all know that too! Also the latest research suggests that doing acts of kindness (anonymous or otherwise) makes you happy. Wishing you all a kind and happy day. Carpe diem :-)
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Rajni wrote: We all know that the cigarettes are dangerous to health. Don't you think, it is better not to buy and give it others?
marybell wrote: Never a dull moment, 5, 6, 7 does it matter how many ka? Or can we just keep going? Theres a few up my sleeve id like to work on just need that guiney

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