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Today's 5 Acts Of Kindness

--by 4abetterworld, posted Dec 9, 2023
Made up a small bag of sanitary products (panty liners and sanitary towels) and stuck on a sticker labelled "for emergencies". Will deposit in either the ladies' or girls' restroom at my school today. Also aim to buy one or two T-Shirts (or a hoodie) depicting my school logo later today which was designed by our students. I personally like the idea of a school uniform because I wore one myself as a schoolkid. Perhaps I can help support my colleagues by putting fresh sticks of chalk in the classrooms I will teach in later today and filling up the photocopier with paper. And my 5th idea for practising acts of kindness today: just trying to stay present and be true to my lovely old self: smiling, helping, encouraging...

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