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Kindness Today

--by drjoybug, posted Dec 24, 2023
Kindness today:
Went with a friend to hold her hand while she had some medical tests.
Started To Volunteer at the hospital. I was shadowing only.
Let cars in front of me,
held doors open for people,
Gave advice that was requested of me,
Set up to drive my friend to physical therapy after she gets her knee replacement.

I know there was more.

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kindsleuth wrote: Indeed this is noble, notably 21 days sets up a pattern so lets wave thoughts, words and deeds that bring 'yay' and 'maturity' to nature.
ryandavid wrote: Love this and thank you for your kindness.
Lovebeingkind wrote: You are right dear Joy. We all need to look after each other.
Mish wrote: A day of beautiful kindness shared ❤️
Helenconnell2 wrote: Thank you for being there for your friend!
pluto178 wrote: Absolutely its great to have someone you can depend on x
mindyjourney wrote: Volunteering is such a fab way to boost our kindness connections! Thank you for doing :)
kmbhai wrote: Wonderful..
DANCE wrote: You are very kind

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