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🙏 Kind Connections

--by mindyjourney, posted Feb 3, 2024

The KindSpring CMOW (community member of the week) - drjoybug, and myself were able to get together today for a much needed chat!

🤗 How wonderful to share hugs and happenings since we were last in town a year ago. Joy gifted me w/some threads to make bravelets, origami papers and a carved stone turtle.

🕊️ Been sharing Rajni quote cards with doves and tips to hotel staff.

🌺 ‘Tis fall, so bought some gorgeous mums and have been giving them to friends as a blooming hello.

Bless all of our KIND connections as we journey through life.

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pluto178 wrote: So glad you had fun x
Mish wrote: Two sisters in kindness ❤️❤️
ado wrote: Beautiful get-together. Thank you for spreading kindness.
DANCE wrote: Thank you beautiful kind ladies!
dotmatrix wrote: How awesome! ♥
Rajni wrote: KS friend with Kindness + another KS friend with Kindness = Twice is nice
gardengal10 wrote: A nice meeting of two lovely kindness sisters.
scully wrote: Awesomeness Mindy
Drewtopian_1 wrote: I.m glad I'm one of them, but I need to stay virtual since I can't even get outside without help. Besides, long travel tends to make me bloated.
Helenconnell2 wrote: So lovely x

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