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--by Rajni, posted Feb 3, 2024
Books Kindness and Positivity

Yesterday, October 12, I went to meet a publisher and buy inspiring and character-building books to donate to some schools. The publisher Mr. CS offered me less discount than my expectation of 40%. I didn't deviate from my thinking positively to succeed. He agreed and offered me 40% discount. I bought 20 sets of books. Each set contained 17 books in Gujarati. I am grateful to Mr. CS for his kind support. I bought some other books too.

I am just a part of this kindness. Financially, some family and friends have supported this good cause.

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for all the opportunities sending my way and His help and manifest them. He is the one who helped me get desired discount.

I am grateful to the Author Ramesh Tanna who will find the appropriate schools and mail the books.
I am also grateful to Author Ramesh Tanna who will find the schools and mail them. 

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mindyjourney wrote: What a great way to support education!
Mish wrote: Wonderful, Rajni 👌🏻❤️
DANCE wrote: How wonderful, thank you!!! I tried yesterday to buy a few books for the children supported by our friend in India but Amazon wouldn't allow me, it seems they are different in each country. Would you know? As it changed into my account in UK the prices went up tenfold! Any suggestions if you have experience would be appreciated
cheeka wrote: thank you for your kindness!
kmbhai wrote: Superb..
gardengal10 wrote: A most generous gift.
pluto178 wrote: Such a great thing to do x

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