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Guiding Foreign Youngsters To Integrate Better And Enhancing Language Skills..

--by Lovebeingkind, posted Mar 16, 2024
In my work as a vocational school teacher over here in Germany, some of my classes are filled with students of different nationalities. More often than not, I will have a few refugees in the class whose their command of German is often rather patchy regardless of whether they are "fresh off the boat" or have lived here for a few years. Some of these students who manage to complete their three-year apprenticeships may actually continue to go to school to attain qualifications so they can attend university.

In the past, I have taken them aside and given them tips on how to enhance their language skills (i.e. via books, newspapers, apps or online grammar quizzes.) And I have given them tips on how to integrate themselves into the German culture better.

Over the last few weeks, I have taken three young men aside and given them tips on how to improve their German such as joining sports clubs, finding ways to build their vocabulary outwith class and recommending language immersion courses. After class, I actually even took a couple of them to a noticeboard which displayed valuable information on a poster and they were grateful for this little gesture that only took a minute of my time.

I do not get any extra money for offerering this sort of advice and I have sacrificed the odd break or two over the years but I feel it is important to help the youngsters in what I consider a valuable way because once they pass their exams they will be likely to set up a home and spend their working life here.
Good integration is so important as it builds bridges and expands horizons. It makes me happy to share my knowledge as a language teacher and spread those kindness ripples in everyday life
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Fran wrote: Truth lovebeingkind. Not all are teachers, and not all are students-frolic as one may, germany wasn't built in a day. Being from the country, the only foreign language my family spoke for was pig latin. Bravo to you and the students and refugees.

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