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I Created A Card For My Teacher

--by Frozone, posted Mar 30, 2024
I created a card for a teacher who spreads so much kindness and joy in her classroom. I needed her to know that she is appreciated, and since she is a fan of Tupac, I printed his picture and quoted him, "You are appreciated."

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FroFroLick wrote: Oh the many wonders of tupac. A teacher? For sure! This makes about as much as a short little egotistical man running a school board. God bless america and ukraine and all the people of this world may kindness just not look good on the surface. .
DANCE wrote: What a kind gift!
mindyjourney wrote: Pure appreciation and creativity too! Thank you :)
SissyLee wrote: Teachers appreciate this. O know. My dad was a teacher.
Lovebeingkind wrote: Such a wonderful act of kindness. Well done!
Helenconnell2 wrote: Showing appreciation to teachers is wonderful!
pluto178 wrote: Very thoughtful x
Mish wrote: Iā€™m sure it meant a lot to your teacher. Well done by you šŸ‘ŒšŸ»
ado wrote: Thank you for taking the time to appreciate the teacher.
DotMatrix wrote: Oh I would have loved this from a student. Well done indeed. ā™„

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