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Positive Words Of Encouragement To A Stranger And Healing From Diabetes

--by cheeka, posted Mar 30, 2024
A couple of days ago, I was walking in a park when a gentleman sitting on a bench called me "sir, can you help me with this report?". I stopped and asked "what report please?". He showed me a print out and asked me if I can read and explain. I looked at it and it was his health diagnosis report. I told him I am not a doctor but i can explain the contents of the report. I told him "sir, the report is called Hba1c, it is about your average glucose levels in your body over a period of the past 2-3 months; your reading shows 7.6; anything above 6.5 is considered you are diabetic". He said "sir, my doctor has given me medicine and I have been taking it for past month and half. But this report is from yesterday and it is still showing i am diabetic". I told him "Your report says you are 53 years old. The fact you are in the park means I assume you are walking regularly which is a good sign. Please follow the diet given by your doctor and exercise regularly. Be positive; stay patient and you will definitely see better results over the next couple of months." He said "thank you". As i was about to depart, a friend of his sitting next to him stopped me and said "sir, he did not tell you one more thing. He has been an alcoholic for a long time. Only now, he has reduced it to once a week from daily drinking..". I smiled and gently told the diabetic person "it is great you have reduced your drinking to once a week. Can you now reduce it to once a month and then once in 3 months please? I will meet you right here in 3 months". He smiled "thank you for your confidence sir. I will do what you asked me." May he get the courage to quit drinking alcohol and heal from diabetes soon!
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pluto178 wrote: Wow what an understanding non judgemental person you are he could not have picked a better person to ask. X
Rajni wrote: You gave very good advice, encouragement and hope. Your positivity will do a miraculous effect on that diabetic patient. You showed us a very good way to help sick persons. Thanks
mindyjourney wrote: Appreciate you taking the time to explain.
lt33 wrote: What an amazing convo you had with this guy your encouraging words meant so much to him you made an impact on him 😀
dotmatrix wrote: May it be. ♥
Mish wrote: Your words may save his life in the long run. Bless 🙏

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