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Manav Gulzar VisitOn December ...

--by Rajni, posted Mar 30, 2024
Manav Gulzar Visit

On December 11, 2023 I visited Manav Gulzar. Gulzar means garden.

Image shows what I gave. I gave many more quote cards than the image shows.

As pledged, I paid for 20 blankets.

I talked about Kind Spring, Sister Mindy's Doves, Told intense positive thinking story and my experiences with positivity.

At Manav Gulzar. 180 students come to learn in the morning and 8o students come in the afternoon. They have many programs like Nutrition, Yoga, Human value-based teaching etc..

I am grateful to author Ramesh Tanna who arranged the meet and also arranged a ride as well.

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for all the opportunities sending my way and His help and manifest them.

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mindyjourney wrote: Wow! That is a whole lot of goodness and support shared - thank you 😊
greenurlifenow wrote: Thank you for your kindness, Rajni. 🙂
pluto178 wrote: 🙏
Mish wrote: Excellent 🙏
dotmatrix wrote: Thank you for all you do, Rajni. This article was good. This brings me hope. "Though newspapers and TV have reported incidences of violence among Hindus, Muslims and Christians in India, the Ram Rahim Tekro community in recent years has not only survived but thrived from their interfaith connections, including winning an award in New Delhi for their exemplary interfaith relations." ♥
DANCE wrote: Seems like a wonderful centre for education. Thank you for all you gift them

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