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🕊️ Waiting Room Peace Summit 🕊️

--by mindyjourney, posted May 22, 2024

That’s Gretchen in the photo. She was waiting for her car to be serviced too.

We had never met before and not sure we will again, but wow, what an encounter! It was one of those brief, open, heart-to-heart, synchronistic connections that bloomed with the radiance of divine love.

When I asked what she was reading she said, “The Anatomy of Peace,” a book her sister had sent in response to a few months of silence from her sister.

Gretchen was puzzled. Why this book? What message was her sister trying to convey?

“Forgiveness. That’s the biggest thing,” Gretchen said.

I agreed. “Families. They are our most challenging lessons.”

That opened a share about my brother, who had disowned our family over 20 years ago.

An origami peace dove fairly flew out of my purse into her hand, and then another to share with her estranged sister.

I’ve signed out “The Anatomy of Peace” from the online Libby app from the library and am looking forward to reading as we soon journey to TX.

Upon further reflection of the brief waiting room peace summit, I am considering that it might be time to reach out to my brother again.

🕊️ This time with a Peace Dove. 🕊️

With over 50,000 Doves folded and given, I’d say that my “brother dove” might be the most difficult and most meaningful Peace Dove I will ever share…

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Rajni wrote: Sister Mindy, Your project of Origami Peace Dove Project has made you magbet of peace. It clearly is seen in tyour encounter with Gretchen. May God continue to bless you with many more life experiences of PEACE.
ali.gray56 wrote: Families…I have very sporadic contact with 2 sisters, but I do consistently reach out via snail mail & email to touch base. Whether or not they respond is on them, but I do continue the attempts. Occasionally I will receive a text or short email respond or request. I accept that is what they are able to do.
DANCE wrote: Owww cleede encounter. I do hope that peace dove reaches your borther, I'm sure it'll share lots of love
kmbhai wrote: Lovely..
unknown wrote: What a fab idea! Do reach out to your brother Mindy. Family is important ❤️
Mish wrote: Perhaps the Universe put her there fo4 just that reason, Twinnie.
Helenconnell2 wrote: I really hope the reaching out to your brother will result in a reconciliation. My brother has not contacted us for a while but I feel at this present time it is right to leave everything as it is!
pluto178 wrote: I have a similar brother problem now 35 years old and there may be contact in the near future but I am not accepting anything but civility if it is still not there then we shall part on good terms but it will be the end. Sometimes we have to accept things cannot be the way you would like them to be and I can do that. Meeting this lady shows us all that we must open up to people we meet and may never meet again they are perfect for talking to and we or they may bring something to the table that was much needed and we can give it and learn from it and then never meet again. It is like a gift we receive out of the blue. I am glad you had this experience. Family are the dance of the 7 veils and as we learn we remove a veil and see more clearly until they are all removed and clarity comes …….I hope it can work out for you but if not your heart is open to him and thats the best you can do to hold no energy that is not positive but have expectations for your own self too. Good luck x
dotmatrix wrote: Ah, Mindy. *hugs* Beautiful encounter. Thank you for sharing it. And thank you for sharing your brother's story. May it fill him with so much love -- as much as your fingers have molded in every peace dove - that it melts his heart and returns him to your family. ♥
gardengal10 wrote: You're right. Families can be difficult. I hope that things work out in a positive result for you.

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