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Knitting And Earth’s Day

--by Helenconnell2, posted May 31, 2024
I finished knitting and putting together an orange triceratops and I'm going to put him in the box for India. I'm in the process of knitting a pink stegosaurus for my daughter. When she was two we flew to Canada for a conference and we stayed with a family in Calgary with children a similar age to Ruth.

Before we flew home we visited a number of places in and around Calgary. The Zoo had a wonderful display of life size dinosaurs and Ruth fell in love with a stegosaurus. We bought a stegosaurus home with us so I thought it would spark memories for her.

In Celebration of Earth Day, I've put two window bird feeders up. The sunflowers I put in a pot a couple of weeks ago are growing well.

I've put together a collage of photos for you to see.

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Mish wrote: Full of awesome 👌🏻❤️
Naturally wrote: Sunflowers are bright and cheery and that triceratops is very cute.
kmbhai wrote: beautiful..
pluto178 wrote: Wonderful x
Rajni wrote: You are stitching wellm the craft and past as well. Thanks for sharing.
DANCE wrote: So cute, they always make me smile

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