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Supporting Earth

--by Helenconnell2, posted Jun 9, 2024
I've been buying from a company called Earthwise Girls who specialise in items which are plastic free and made as sustainable as possible. We have a reusuable deodrant - you put the biodegradable and natural deodrant into the case and it lasts for about three months.

In the last few months the company has been struggling but there loyal customers have continued to support them through this difficult time and they've begun pull through.

Christine who started the company and still runs it is very kind and recently they donated 400 packs of biodegradable sanitary towels to an organisation who is taking them to women in Rwanda. I wanted to acknowledge what Christine has done and so I knitted her a scarf and a stripy cat. The post person connected the package half an hour ago and I hope Christine will receive it tomorrow.

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Mish wrote: Awesome, on so many levels 🙏❤️ Lovely gift created by you, Helen 👌🏻
Naturally wrote: Happy they are doing this and that they are appreciated.
pluto178 wrote: Fabulous x
unknown wrote: Gorgeous!
kmbhai wrote: Nice
DANCE wrote: such wonderful people, just like you
Rajni wrote: Ideal person like you care about companies who love mother earth with heart and actions as well. Your supporting the Earthwise Girls is greatly appreciated.
mindyjourney wrote: Ohh, you kind creations have been skyrocketing with creatity! Thank you 🦉

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