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Helping Others Is The Best Medicine

--by starbrite, posted Jul 17, 2010

Yes, helping others is wonderful. Feeling so good helping out. You know what I mean..It brightens your day, lifts your heart and that wonderful from the heart smile! Fabulous! And then some.

In March we had to take Dad's license away. Our proud, independent Dad was going to have to ask for help and to depend on others!  Yikes! How does one do that? He had to ask/accept and we did too. Big changes. Now I celebrate the start each day with 'breakfast with Dad".  We share special time. We help lift each other. I leave with a tired body but a fabulous smile. I have to admit there have been days when I had to push myself but was always happy I did. 

Now for the unexpected WOW! I've been coping with chronic but stable health issues for 10+ yrs. ..being told to pace myself, don't get stressed, take naps, blah ,blah.  Well, guess what?  My blood work is now the best in 2 yrs! Wow! All I could think of was my Dad and the blessing of helping out. Helping others = the best medicine.

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cheeka wrote: Helping others = best medicine - thanks for the wisdom
Zevelina wrote: You brought happy tears to my eyes and i love you for this!
s.jagadeesh umar wrote: Contribute atleast one rupee to the poor children which would help them a lot
flowerpower wrote: You shine for that starbrite! Rock on! :)
divyanshi wrote: Good & like
giggleybrit04 wrote: Glad 2 hear that things are great 4 u. I hope your health continues to improve every day and hope that your stress lesses. You sound like a really great person.
katt wrote: So true and awesome :)
luv4all wrote: Errata - 2nd trip was a 9 hr trip :)
FairyBubbles wrote: That is truly wonderful - and so true - helping others is the best medicine.
unknown wrote: If there is joy and happiness in helping others, then its the best to do :)

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