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Overworked Pregnant Waitress

--by Marilyn J, posted Feb 20, 2006
Recently my husband was in the hospital after a heart attack. As I sat alone in the cafe at the hospital, I felt such empathy for the one lone waitress in the large dining room there. This young woman looked very close to giving birth and she was working so hard, my heart went out to her as she waited on table after table, including a group of about 12 or more people. I was inspired to leave a smile card but that felt too insignificant in itself so I went to the hospital gift shop & bought a little stuffed animal for her baby. I planned to just leave it anonymously but she came back in the room just then so I presented the bag to her with a smile card inside & just told her it was something for her baby. The look that came over her face was one of shock and disbelief. It was though she was frozen there for a moment. She smiled and thanked me as I walked out of the room. I've thought about that young woman many times since and hope it has made a small difference in her life.
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PiA777 wrote: Thank you for your act of kindness,the lady must be very captivated by your act :) to work while pregnant (especially close to giving birth is terribly tiring and a challenge) and i'm happy that you have such a pure heart to make two individuals happy --- you made the mother and the baby happy,more thank the worth of your gift. God bless you
magurosan wrote: Beautiful!
Blessings to you and your family.

Barbara wrote: It's so much fun to do things like that! It lessons the stress being felt by the giver as well as the receiver. Thank you for that thoughtful act.
beetoote wrote: : ) to you.
jsmc10 wrote: Bless you, this was a beautiful act :)
Spoonerism wrote: Awww, thinking of such a kind gesture when you were facing a tough experience with your husband's heart attack like that! In terms or kindness you have a big enough heart for the two of you!
Marilyn J wrote: Thank you all for the comments. Who would have thought i'd get one today after several years! Made me think again of that day and that waitress. I've wondered about her so many times since and this reminder made me want to go out to do more! Thank you.
nicky wrote: wow
Rachel Martinez wrote: If everyone would do things like this nice lady did for that waitress, what a different world this would be. Please remember we are in America and we are to do as many nice things as possible.
Amy Grace A. Guillermo wrote: That was truly a heart warming gesture. You really made a difference. Keep up the good work and let your light shine!!! God bless

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