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Sunshine Smiles in the Rain

--by madeusmile, posted Aug 28, 2010
Today it is 39 degrees and supposed to be raining. It would have been the perfect day for me to act upon my Kindness Idea.
I was the lucky winner of the December Kindness Idea's Contest on - where they give you $100 to carry out your kindness idea.   My idea was to purchase umbrellas for shelter on a rainy day and small towels to wife your face and hopefully bring a little smile into your day and hand them out to folks who find themselves caught out in the weather unprepared. 
Once I received the check for $100 I ran right out and purchased umbrellas and towels. I laundered the towels and wrapped them around the umbrellas and banded them with a smile card.  I placed them them in plastic bags to protect them from moisture, dirt and grime! Then I waited on the rain!!!  Lately we’ve had plenty snow…but no rain. Yesterday the rains came! Where were the umbrellas? At my office. Where was I? At home…more than 20 miles from the office. I don’t remember ever wishing for rain before…at least not unless we were experiencing a drought! But lately I have - I'm yearning to start my kindness activity :)! Yesterday we received an inch of rain at our house. It rained all day long! 
Today…the forecast was for a mix of rain/flurries. What have we? Partly cloudy skies. Not one drop or flurry.  No one in need of shelter today! Still I smile…and eagerly wait for an opportunity. 
I recently left four umbrellas at the front desk with the receptionist so that she could hand them out readily to customers in need. I loved letting her share in the fun! They skies held the promise of showers; so I stuck several in my bag on the way to lunch just in case I should find someone in need…but no luck. Oh how I wanted someone to be unprepared! LOL!
But I am ready! It may take me several rainy days before I exhaust my supply…but I’m up for the kindness challenge!
Thank you for helping me spread a little sunshine on a cold, rainy day!  I know that my day will arrive!!!


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moral12 wrote: Liked your story about waiting for the rain so you could hand out the umbrellas. (is this like waiting for the pot to boil? Lol). Thanks for the smiles!
Spoonerism wrote: Definitely a deserving winner of the $100! :-) i expect the days of rain when you haven't had your supply with you have been days when people were prepared. So hopefully that day when you're there, you'll see many people in need of some shelter! :-) tell us all about it when it happens!
lmil1954 wrote: This is so cool! I can feel the exc itement and anticipation with you!

And congraulations on the win! You sound like a winner to me:)
Maryjersey wrote: I love this idea! We can get small umbrellas for $1. 00 and towels for about $. 5 here. What a great idea.
Marie wrote: Hi i bet your always sunshine on a rainey day love & rain clouds to you
cinnamonhead wrote: I love this idea. The rain will come and you'll be ready!
jamie wrote: Great idea.

Everyone is capable of giveing out the kindness to those in need.

We all stand up for love.
1golddragonfly wrote: Congratulations on winning the contest! Your idea is great!
Bette Lynn wrote: I feel your anticipation. What a great feeling!
momov3 wrote: Isn't the anticipation of it all fun also?? Yep, I've never wished for a rainy gloomy day as we have soooo many where I live, but for you, madeussmile, I wish you one rainy day after another until your umbrellas are all given out! And then, may you reap the harvest of smiles and warm hearts from the recipients!
Many Hugs and much admiration!

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