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The Joy in Receiving From My Daughter

--by momov3, posted Sep 3, 2010

My daughter and I are very much alike.  We are both determined, independent-minded women who are out to make a difference in this world.  As wonderful as it is to be so similar, it has also at times creates riffs in our home as we both always want to be the one in charge.  On top of that, throw in the fact that she is 18 (and anyone who has raised at least one daughter to adulthood will know what I mean- moods, drama and the like) and it has created a less than desirable relationship between us at times.

This weekend, we took a trip to visit her college of choice.  The trip involved a lot of organisation, we had to take 2 airplanes, rent a car and stay at a hotel.   Traveling has never been one of my favorite things to do - especially when it involves a very short layover between flights and a very large airport. On this trip, I got sick on this trip and wasn't able to move as quickly as I usually do.

  All my daughter knew was that I had an upset stomach and some minor aches and pains.  She took it upon herself to grab my luggage and carry it, leaving me with only one bag to carry. She  then stopped at a little kiosk and purchased stomach medication and other things to settle my stomach - with her own money and all without being asked.  I was really touched by this.

I frequently tell my family that opportunities always arise for us to be kind and helpful if only we keep our eyes open and are aware of situtations.  It felt so good to be the recipient of this small kindness.  So many of us like to be the "givers", but remember - when we receive, the one giving is likely being blessed just as much as we are.

A wonderful elderly African American gentleman, Henry, someone I had met quite a while ago said something to me that has stuck with me till this day. If you are trying to be kind - no matter how large or small the act is, and the receiver is being reluctant,  Henry would say, "Now, don't you go robbin' me of a blessin' " meaning of course, the giver is being blessed just as much as the receiver.   I've used his phrase countless times, and I hope he is smiling down from heaven when I say it because Henry, I've learned a lot from you and especially that phrase and most everyone who had been reluctant changed their minds and usually added a smile along with it.

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iferlamb wrote: That is wonderful! I love henry's saying and i am sure he is smiling down on you. What a proud momma you must be! Terrific!

1golddragonfly wrote: Clearly you have been a great mother - your daughter is going to be an amazing woman! Love what henry would say - you honor his memory. I'm sure many of us will take a page from his book! Thank you for sharing your story.
pluto178 wrote: When helping people they say you are so good how can i ever thank you and i say no thank you how can i be a do gooder without you! Thanks for a lovely story x
bwawili wrote: Momov3, thank you for sharing your experiences and a powerful anecdote, "now, don't you go robbin' me of a blessin'. " i can assure you that you have raised a wonderful young woman.
myfbil wrote: How nice that your daughter turned out just like you - the world is a better place for it.
I love that saying by your friend. That's one to remember as I often am resistant to being a recipient of "charity" - but now I'll look upon it differently and called it a "gift". :) Have a sunshine day!
Aurelia wrote: Very true about feeling wonderful after giving :)
Your daughter has learned nicely from you....You must be proud.
I hope she liked the college.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us! :)
heartofflesh wrote: It is indeed more blessed to give than receive.It is gracious to receive when it is your turn to receive.In doing so we HONOUR the ONE who is the ONLY GIVER!! HE is the source of everything!
Thank you for sharing your insights.
stacyr wrote: You raised a great daughter!

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